Find a High-Paying 2nd Job Fast

by Neal Frankle, CFP ®

If you’re looking for a high-paying 2nd job, look no further than your computer screen. You can create your own second job using Craigslist. And the good news is that you can get find employment even if you don’t have a 4 year degree.


2nd job


I wish this idea had come to me through my own genius brain power, but alas it didn’t. A client told me about it. Her son Martin was laid off last year. He was desperate to get out of debt and make money. He was a construction worker, and you can imagine how easy it is to find work in the housing industry right now. He simply placed a free ad on Craigslist under household services and skilled services. He put an ad in as a handyman and the rest is history. Within a very short time, his phone was ringing off the hook. The key for Martin was that he thought about what people might need rather what he wanted to do. He worked his way up from small jobs like installing shelves in a retired baker’s house to installing custom cabinets at JCPenney’s.

How to get a high-paying job using this information:

1. Think about the categories that Craigslist offers:

a. Automotive Services
b. Beauty Services
c. Computer Services
d. Creative Services
e. Cycle Services
f. Event Services
g. Farm & Garden Services
h. Financial Services
i. Household Services
j. Labor and Moving
k. Legal Services
l. Legal
m. Lessons
n. Marine Services
o. Pet Services
p. Real Estate Services
q. Skilled Trade Services
r. Small Biz Ads
s. Therapeutic Service
t. Travel/Vacation Services
u. Writing/Editing/Translation

These are all headings under the “services offered” section. Which categories speak to you? Let’s say you need to bring in some extra pesos. Currently you manage a small legal office but have various other skills. You’re great at the computer, love to write, adore pets and know your way around a pair of scissors and a hair brush.

Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and/or are skilled at.

  • Computer skills. CHECK
  • Writing Skills. CHECK
  • Pet Services. CHECK
  • Legal Services. CHECK
  • Beauty Services. CHECK

Now there’s one more CHECK you need to do.

2. Check out the competition.

See what other people offer and how much they charge. What are you uniquely qualified to provide that the competition can’t? Do you have more experience? More training? A successful track record you can point to?

Try to compete on quality rather than price. You don’t want cheapskate customers. They’ll never appreciate you and you’ll soon dread the day you read this post.

3. Narrow it down.

Among the four or five things you’d like to do, you’ll be better off to start by promoting one or two at most. What job offers you the most payoffs? Balance the cash rewards against the time you’ll have to put in. Think about the hours you have available and what others are charging. Make a spreadsheet and list this information. This will make it much easier for you to compare. Now, pick the best offer and write your ad. Keen in mind that there are plenty of ways to advertise your business for free.

4. Place the ad.

When you looked at the competing ads, which did you like most? Why? What is most appealing to the potential customer? Can you draft an ad that’s similar? If not, hire a writer to write one for you. (Guess where to look? RIGHT! Craigslist.)

The ad is where it’s at, friend. You need compelling marketing to bring those customers in the door. Write your ad but don’t place it yet. Before you do so, run it by three people you know, trust and admire. They have to be successful business people too. Once you get their seal of approval, place the ad and get ready to rock and roll.

If you don’t get calls, don’t get discouraged…get a different person to write that ad.

At this point, you’ve launched your second job – which is really a side business. You can use this same technique if you want to earn money during retirement. I much prefer the idea of having your own great side business over working for someone else. You’ll have more control, make more money and enjoy it a heck of a lot more.

How did you find your best second job? Did it become a side business?


photo credit by Flikr, Runran



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LIfe Compass October 29, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Found this post through Money Carnival. Thanks for sharing this tip re: how to find a high-paying job through Craigslist! You show how a little intuitive creative thinking can give a huge payoff!!!


karyn October 12, 2010 at 3:00 PM

I think it’s important too to get the word out to people that you’re looking for a second job, not in a desperate sort of way, but just a quick mention in passing. My friend connected me with my part time work as an online tutor – I wouldn’t have even searched for such a job since most ads seem to be from shady sources. And my husband is occasionally contacted about computer work which provides some extra income. I like the idea of Craigslist – I’ve only thought about it for selling items.


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