7 Weekend Jobs that Pay $50 an Hour

by Neal Frankle, CFP ®

If you want to earn some extra serious cabbage and don’t have a lot of time to do it, here are seven jobs you can do over the weekend you’ll be interested in learning more about.

As you read through these alternatives, you’ll see that the best way to really cash in is to think of yourself as having your own small business.  $50 smackers an hour is a lot of dough so you’re going to have to hustle and think outside the box in order to rake it in.  Still, if you’re willing to put in the effort, there are plenty of ways to do so.  Let’s get started.

1. Phlebotomistweekend jobs

Before you get too impressed with my vocabulary, I have to admit that I didn’t know what a phlebotomist was until last week.

I had blood drawn because I needed more term life insurance. The woman who came out and did the exam told me that anyone can do what she does. It doesn’t take that much training; the hours are very flexible; and the pay is wonderful. She told me she gets makes about $50 an hour for sticking needles in people’s arms. She simply does the medical exams for people who want to buy life insurance. The hours are kind of crazy…early mornings…early evenings sometimes…and weekends. The perfect gig for someone who needs to find a second job.

Each state has its own licensing board and you have to pass an exam. I did some snooping around and found schools to provide the training you need to pass the exam and enter the profession. The courses cost about $500 and it will take you about 60 to 80 hours to get it done. Many of the schools offer weekend and evening classes, so it should be really easy to get into this profession. If you can dig down and devote 15 hours a week, you’ll have a new second profession within a month.

And if you have a little medical training, this is a natural for you. If not, and you don’t faint at the sight of blood, this could still work like a charm.

2. Notary Public

Want to get paid for making other people’s hands dirty? I thought so.

You can become a traveling notary public in a short period of time for less than $250. It’s simple to become a notary. The trick here is to build your business without having to quit your day job. The notary gig is perfect because banks (especially) need traveling notaries who are available during off-hours. That’s perfect because the more the hours are “off,” the more you get paid and the less it will interfere with your day gig.

A traveling notary can easily command more than $50/hour. My suggestion – hit up the banks. Let them know you are available and impress upon them how reliable you are. Remember, you’re going to have to build relationships, so visit your banks and talk to the managers every few weeks. Don’t be pushy. Just let them know you are in business and that you mean business. You’ll soon have a thriving business. And don’t forget about all the fun you’ll have making with other people’s fingers.

3. Gutter Cleaner

All you need to get into this business is a ladder, some business cards, flyers, the right business insurance and maybe some gloves if you’re a debutante. You can do a little research on how to clean gutters and you’ll have more training than most of the people who are engaged in this practice.

The way to build this  part time business is to pass out flyers in your neighborhood and let people know that you’re available to do the dirty deed. Within a short time, you’ll be able to gauge how long it will take you to do the job and you can quote the gig accordingly. Your clients, left to their own devices, would take much longer because they won’t have your experience, so they’ll be only too glad to pay you to get this done.

4. Bookkeeper

Many of my clients want to track their spending but they don’t want to do it themselves.  That’s where you come in.  Simply spend a few hours mastering Quicken, Quickbooks or other spending tracking software programs and you’ll have yourself a fine little business.  I helped one of my clients find a bookkeeper recently.  It was hard to get anyone to even my calls and the one we settled on charges $75 an hour.  She’s great of course but she isn’t doing anything you can’t do.

If I was a bookkeeper the first thing I would do would be to let all the local CPA’s know I was available, proficient and reliable.  If you do this, you’re client book will be full before you can say “credits and debits”.

5.  Event Guru

Lots of small business owners want to do marketing events but they don’t know what to do or how to get it done.  To me this smells like an opportunity.  I know that’s true because I recently hired an event coordinator.  She is charging me $700 to set up and run a client event we are going to do later on in the year.  She came up with the ideas and is managing the entire shindig.  She’ll spend a total of about 15 hours of work and that means she’ll make close to $50 an hour.  If you like to party, this might be the gig for you.

6.  Convert Videos To DVDs

Everyone has shoe boxes full of old videos they need converted to digital format.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be Martin Scorsese Jr to get into this business.  The technology is getting simpler and simpler all the time.  I did some research and learned that you can buy software that converts the old videos into digital format for under $100.  Two such programs are Elgato and Pinnacle.  If you don’t want to shell out any more cash, you don’t have to.  Just tell your customers that they have to provide the old video recorder that was used to create the tape in the first place.  With that, you can plug, play, convert and cash in. Later on you can spring for more fancy equipment so you won’t need the customers’ camera.

7.  Personal Expert

Think about something you are really good at that other people need.  Are you good at organizing?  Providing relationship advice? Offering financial guidance?  What is it that people come to you for?  Of course you may need to get licensed in order to hang out a shingle – but check it out.  You may be able to charge for your expertise without getting any licenses.  The beauty of working this job is that you will be doing something you love and are naturally good at.  It’s a slam dunk.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to land a great part-time job and make big money.  As I said, you’ll have to put some elbow grease in and get busy.  But if you are willing to roll up your selves and do the work, you’ll have yourself a wonderful part-time job that you can enjoy while you pile up the pesos.

What other part time jobs do you know of that can earn $50 or more an hour?


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