A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Both of You Will Love

by Neal Frankle, CFP ®

Here’s a novel Valentine’s Day gift idea if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or domestic partner. Give them a hug. Give them a kiss. Heck…give them a horsey-back ride if you must

valentines day gift idea…just keep your money in your pocket and purse.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it’ll help improve your money and marriage. At least that’s what I’m doing.

My wife gets nothing. Zilch. Bubkas. I might pick some roses from the garden if I’m in a good mood…but that’s about it.

Are we hurting for money? Thankfully, no. In fact, we are completely debt free. Has my income dropped? Nope. It’s up from last year. I’m grateful about that too. So what’s the problem? Have I lost that loving feeling?

Not at all. In fact, my relationship with my wife has never been better in the 23 years we’ve been together. I’m as crazy about her now as I was when I first met her. So am I a cheap SOB? You might say I am, but I don’t think so. I just like to spend money in a meaningful way. And I don’t like someone else defining “meaningful” for me – life the Retailers Association of America. I don’t need their Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

My wife knows I love her and she doesn’t need any material gift to prove it. But the flower and jewelry people work really hard to convince my wife that the exact opposite is true. I’ve got to “say it with flowers” or remind her that “diamonds are forever.” No thanks, guys.

Words and actions do the job much better than material gifts.

That’s why I’m so anti-Valentine’s Day. It’s my way of “sticking it to the man.” Of course, our culture has been carefully manipulated into thinking that spending is caring, but it’s just the opposite that is true.

And make no mistake…if you buy flowers for your sweetie, it doesn’t stop there…

Once we take the bait and start believing that we need to spend in order to prove how we feel about someone, out come the $100,000 weddings and $200,000 undergraduate education tabs. No thanks. Not for this Pilgrim…and not for you either, I hope.

So don’t kid yourself. When you go to spend $30 on a bunch of flowers on Sunday, realize that you’ve taken the bait. You drank the Kool-Aid. Before you know it, you’ll try to lease a car cheap but won’t be able to afford it. You’ll live in a home you can’t make payments on and take a mortgage out on your future to impress everyone around you.

That rose is the kiss of death. Pass it by. Instead, take that same $30 and donate it to the folks in Haiti. That’s love…isn’t it? That’s meaningful…right? That says something about who you are and how grateful you are to have what you have – including your love muffin…right?

Am I wrong on this one? Am I just rationalizing my cheapskateness?

What are you doing this Sunday? How are you celebrating your love relationship?

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