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I have been fortunate enough to write for the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, US News and World Report, Business Insider and many other main stream media outlets. I enjoy the opportunity to present a different approach to help empower readers. Here is a summary listing of some of the articles I have written:

Bankless TimesHow To Get Family To Lend You Money At A Low Cost
(Bankless Times 07/01/2015
By Neal Frankle

Direct Capital5 Insurance Mistakes Small Business Owners Must Stop Making
(Direct Capital 06/19/2015
By Neal Frankle

Quizzle3 Laws That Protect You and Your Credit – And How to Use Them
(Quizzle 05/06/2015
By Neal Frankle

HR Block
Top Six Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor
(Block Talk 02/21/2015
By Neal Frankle


Retirement Revisited Own or rent in retirement? Let’s run the numbers
(Retirement Revisited 12/26/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily FinanceShould You Hire a New CPA to Prepare Your Taxes?
(Daily Finance 12/25/2014
By Neal Frankle



Money Smart GuidesShould You Borrow To Invest?(Money Smart Guides 12/23/2014
By Neal Frankle



The Huffington PostShould You Pay Down Debt or Invest?
(Huffington Post 12/22/2014
By Neal Frankle

Credit7 Financial Moves to Make Before New Year’s Eve
( 12/2/2014
By Neal Frankle


Business InsiderHere’s What To Do With Your Retirement Savings Before The End Of The Year
(Business Insider 11/17/2014
By Neal Frankle


QuizzleHow To Shred Your Credit Card Debt Fast
(Quizzle 11/15/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily Finance5 Simple Steps to DIY Investing Success
(Daily Finance 11/6/2014
By Neal Frankle



How to Save Time Managing Your Rentals
(AOL 11/5/2014
By Neal Frankle


Life Health ProTo Blog Or Not To Blog?
(Life Health Pro 11/4/2014
By Neal Frankle

CreditHow to Plan for Retirement When Your Spouse Won’t
( 10/21/2014
By Neal Frankle


Viewpoint: Will FICO Score Changes Sink Real Estate Market?
(AOL 10/13/2014
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington Post5 Steps to Loan Money to Your Kids and Actually Get Repaid
(Huffington Post 10/7/2014
By Neal Frankle

Santa Barbara IndependentHidden Motivations: Why the Rockefellers Quit Oil Stocks
(Santa Barbara Independent 10/3/2014
By Neal Frankle

ForbesUse Mutual Funds To Create Retirement Income
(Forbes 10/1/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily FinanceHow to Easily, Significantly Boost Your Retirement Income
(Daily Finance 9/23/2014
By Neal Frankle



ForbesFinances For The Newly Divorced Made Easy
(Forbes 9/15/2014
By Neal Frankle 5 retired couples with a nomadic lifestyle
(Bankrate 8/26/2014
Quotations from Neal Frankle

The Huffington PostHow Upcoming FICO Credit Score Changes Might Rock the Economy
(Huffington Post 8/24/2014
By Neal Frankle

The Dangers of Borrowing Against Your 401K
( 8/15/2014
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostYou Need Less Than You Think to Retire
(Huffington Post 8/1/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily Finance3 Steps You’ll Want to Take Before You Invest in Anything
(Daily Finance 7/23/2014
By Neal Frankle



Market WatchHere are five finance bloggers you should be reading
(Market Watch 7/23/2014
Neal Frankle is one of the five finance bloggers recommended

Financial Advisor MagazineHome Sweet Anywhere
(Financial Advisor Magazine 6/27/2014
Quotations from Neal Frankle


Santa Barbara IndependentMake Sure You’re Ready for Retirement
(The Santa Barbara Independent 6/6/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily FinanceHow to Use Complaints to Transform Your Financial Life
(Daily Finance 4/24/2014
By Neal Frankle



Daily FinanceWhy You Shouldn’t Worry About High-Frequency Trading
(Daily Finance 4/11/2014
By Neal Frankle



The New York TimesBorrowing the Maximum
(New York Times 4/3/2014
Quotations from Neal Frankle

My Corporation5 Business Secrets I Learned The (Very) Hard Way So You Don’t Have To
(My Corporation 3/27/2014
By Neal Frankle


Broke MillenialBoomer Talk: A Q&A with the Wealth Pilgrim
(Broke Millenial 3/24/2014
By Neal Frankle

Daily Finance


How I Went From Homeless Teen to Business Owner in 7 Years
(Daily Finance 3/25/2014
By Neal Frankle


ForbesSuccessful Investing For Twenty-Somethings In Three Simple Steps
(Forbes 3/24/2014
By Neal Frankle

The Huffington PostHow ’20-Somethings’ Can Get Out of Debt Pronto
(Huffington Post 3/19/2014
By Neal Frankle


CreditIs It Time for You to Retire?
( 3/7/2014
By Neal Frankle



Jean ChatzkyWednesday Welcome: The Benefit of Being a Big Fish in a Small Pond
(Jean Chatzky 1/29/2014
By Neal Frankle

The Huffington PostAre Stocks Too Expensive? Who Cares?
(Huffington Post 12/19/2013
By Neal Frankle

eHow moneyThe Best Savings Products for Your Financial Goals
(eHow Money 12/8/2013
By Neal Frankle

Credit5 Ways to Find Money in Your Budget
( 11/13/2013
By Neal Frankle



The Huffington PostRetirement Planning for People Who Hate Math
(Huffington Post 11/04/2013
By Neal Frankle


ForbesA Fistful of Diamonds and Other Financial Preparations for Doomsday
(Forbes 10/31/2013
By Neal Frankle


Len PenzoA Life Insurance Primer for Newbies
(Len Penzo 10/31/2013
By Neal Frankle



The Wall Street JournalVoices: Neal Frankle, on Family Members Taking Advantage of Your Clients
(Wall Street Journal 10/18/2013
By Neal Frankle



5 Budgeting Mistakes Most People Make
( 10/17/2013
By Neal Frankle



Life Happens5 Events that Should Trigger a Life Insurance Review
(Life Happens 9/30/2013
By Neal Frankle


EquifaxFive Wealth-Building Tips Most People Overlook
(Equifax 9/19/2013
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington Post3 Blunders People Make Trying to Improve Credit Scores
(Huffington Post 09/06/2013 By Neal Frankle


ForbesFive Ways Financial Advisors Fleece Their Clients
(Forbes 9/05/2013
By Neal Frankle


Credit5 Smart Ways to Save Big on Life Insurance
( 9/2/2013
By Neal Frankle



The Huffington Post6 Embarrassing Questions You Must Ask Your Fiancé Before You Say ‘I Do’
(Huffington Post 08/28/2013
By Neal Frankle


Money Under 30How People in Their 20s and 30s Can Save a Fortune on Life Insurance
(Money Under 30 08/05/2013
By Neal Frankle


ForbesWhat To Do With Your Bond Portfolio Now
(Forbes 07/24/2013
By Neal Frankle


Being FrugalHow to Create a Brighter Financial Future
(Being Frugal 07/10/2013
By Neal Frankle


The Best College Savings Plans Just Got Better The Best College Savings Plans Just Got Better
(Girls Just Wanna Have Funds 07/05/2013
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostFour Life Insurance Policies Designed to Waste Your Money
(Huffington Post 07/04/2013
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostWhy You Spend Too Much Money
(Huffington Post 06/16/2013
By Neal Frankle


Investing Answers4 Secrets Every Successful House Flipper Knows
(Investing Answers June 14, 2013
By Neal Frankle


Main St.How to Pizown Your Personal Finances
(Main Street 06/13/2013
By Neal Frankle


BarclaycardFinancial Planner Series: the Know! stage: How to Get Out of College Debt Within 5 Years or Less
(Barclaycard Ring 06/13/2013
By Neal Frankle


ForbesPlaying The Boom In Active Adult Communities
(Forbes 05/28/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostHow To Stop Living Like an Underearner
(Huffington Post 5/01/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


ForbesHow Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
(Forbes 04/30/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


Consumerism CommentaryKathleen March 2013 Net Worth
(Consumerism Commentary 04/30/2013 at
By Luke Landes in Naked With Cash with Neal Frankle


Free From BrokeDo I Need Life Insurance In Retirement?
(Free from Broke 04/29/2013 at By Neal Frankle


ForbesApple Should Plow Cash Back Into Growth, Not Shovel It Out To Shareholders
(Forbes 04/11/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


Cash Money LifeDoes Your Spouse Really Need Life Insurance?
(Cash Money Life 04/09/2013 at
by Neal Frankle


PT MoneyShould You Buy Into Group Term Life Insurance at Work?
(PT Money 04/02/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


DoughrollerDo You Need Life Insurance after You Retire?
(Doughroller 03/24/2013 at
By Rob Berger with Neal Frankle



The Huffington PostHow to Live Like a Rock Star on a Roadie Budget
(Huffington Post 03/19/13 at
By Neal Frankle


Consumerism CommentaryJW February 2013 Net Worth (Consumerism Commentary 03/14/2013 at By Luke Landes in Naked With Cash with Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostWhen to Stop Being Self-Employed
(Huffington Post 03/05/13 at
By Neal Frankle


U.S. NewsHow to Maximize Your GMAT Scores
(U.S. News 02/21/2013 at
By Neal Frankle


Consumerism CommentaryAnne and Matt January 2013 Net Worth (Consumerism Commentary 02/18/2013 at By Luke Landes in Naked With Cash with Neal Frankle


MorningstarDecoding Mutual Fund Taxes
(Morningstar 02/13/2013 at
By Neal Frankle Biggest Investment Mistake Made By Those Under 40
(Huffington Post 01/24/13 at
By Neal Frankle Reasons Why Some Life Insurance Agents Sell You The Wrong Policy (U.S. News 01/23/2013 at By Neal Frankle For Setting A Workable Personal Budget For 2013
(Investor’s Business Daily 01/18/2013 at
By Billy Fisher with Neal Frankle and Matt December 2012 Net Worth
(Consumerism Commentary 01/11/13 at
By Luke Landes (Flexo) in Naked With Cash with Neal Frankle Your Friends And Family To Lend You Money No Matter What
(Business Insider 12/19/2012 at
By Neal Frankle
This Holiday Season – A Little Goes a Long Way
(Betterment 12/06/2012 at
By Neal Frankle 7 Most Expensive Investing “Truisms” You Must Ignore
(Huffington Post 12/06/2012 at
By Neal Frankle
Active Funds vs. ETFs
(Morningstar 12/04/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


The Huffington PostHow Ding Dongs Made Me Rich
(Huffington Post 11/27/2012 at
By Neal Frankle Blockheads Make Better Investors
(Control Your Cash 11/21/2012 at
By Neal Frankle Passive Income Ideas
(Morningstar 11/14/2012 at
By Neal Frankle to Vet Your Financial Planner
(Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance 11/12/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


Beating Broke3 Ways Young Homeowners Can Save $3745 (at least) Each Year
(Beating Broke 11/12/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


Business InsiderTracking Your Spending Might Be A Huge Waste Of Time
(Business Insider 11/5/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


U.S. NewsHow to Invest if Obama Gets Re-Elected
(U.S. News 09/28/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


ForbesHow to Flip a House. Yes, Even in
(Forbes 09/21/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


Business InsiderYou Need To Ask These Questions If You Want To Retire
(Business Insider 08/21/12 at
By Neal Frankle


MorningstarMutual Funds: Safe Income?
(Morningstar 08/07/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


Yahoo!4 Life Insurance Policies You Should Never Buy
(Yahoo! U.S. News & World Report LP – 07/12/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


CreditHow to Buy a House Without Using a Bank
( 05/30/2012 at
By Neal Frankle



The Motley FoolAlternative Investments: The Shift to Real Estate
(The Motley Fool 05/18/2012 at
By Danny Guttridge with Neal Frankle


5 Questions Successful Investors Always Ask
(Yahoo! U.S. News & World Report LP – 05/17/2012 at
By Neal Frankle


Fox BusinessSharing Bad Financial News With Kids(Fox Business 07/07/11 at
By Neal Frankle


MSN money5 Investing Rules for Retirement
(MSN U.S. News 6/14/2011 at
By Neal Frankle


Fox BusinessOver 50 and Need a Job?
(Fox Business 11/23/2010 at
By Neal Frankle


MSN MoneyDoes Using Coupons Make You Poorer?
(MSN 04/15/2010 at
By Teresa Mears with Neal Frankle


Forbes WomanMy Buddy Doesn’t Do Dishes At Home
(ForbesWoman 12/16/2009 at
By Neal Frankle


Investor's Business DailyManager Sees Shift To U.S. Stock Indexes; Foreign Exchanges Fading;
(Investor’s Business Daily Posted 10/17/2006 at
By Murray Coleman with Neal Frankle