How To Avoid RMD Penalties

It’s smart to take advantage of tax-deferred growth through retirement accounts. But for most people, once you hit age 70 ½ the party ends and you have to take required minimum distributions. If you don’t, you’ll get socked with a whopping 50% penalty. According the Investors Business Daily, over 15,000 taxpayers didn’t comply with the […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Assets In Divorce

assets in divorce

You don’t need to be a world-class attorney to make smart decisions about protecting yourself and your assets in divorce. But you do need to be mindful, have a little understanding about how investments work and most of all, put your emotions aside. Here are the top 5 steps you can take to make sure […]

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Are You Retirement Ready?

Most of the people you know aren’t on track to retire. Are you? Wells Fargo & Co did a telephone retirement savings survey of 1,000 Americans age 25 to 75 in late 2012. It scared the daylights out of me. Here’s why: Most respondents estimated that they need $300,000 in order to retire and that […]

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Are Your Funds Too Risky?

If you invest in funds or ETFs, you already know that there is always risk involved. But are you taking too much risk? If so, you have a greater chance of suffering catastrophic losses and being taken out of the game for good. That spells a retirement working at Flippy Burger. No Bueno. What follows […]

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Is Your IRA A Source for Short Term Borrowing?

borrow from your ira

If you need to do some short term borrowing, you might be tempted to tap your IRA for that cash. It’s there. It’s yours. Why not use it? As you’ll see below, there are plenty of reasons to think twice or three times before moving forward with this scheme. How to Borrow From Your IRA […]

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How to Buy A House With A Friend

buy a house with a friend

Let’s say you decide it’s time to buy property but you don’t have the scratch. What do you do?  One option is to buy a house with a friend. I can see the logic in that. It could make it easier to come up with the down payment and/ or the monthly mortgage payments. Plus […]

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