How To Figure Your Net Worth – And Use It

net worth

It isn’t complicated to calculate your personal net worth.  I’m going to show you how to do that. But what does net worth mean? And how do you use this information? These are good questions. First let’s learn how to calculate your personal net worth. Then we’ll consider how to use the term. What is […]

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What Happens When You Reach the Required Minimum Distribution Age?


When you turn 70 ½ you reach the required minimum distribution age. That means you must take a certain amount out of your IRA and most other retirement accounts as well.  These are known as RMDs – Required Minimum Distributions. That’s right. Even if you don’t need or want the money, you must take out […]

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Is Your Spouse A Cheapskate?

spouse is cheap

If your spouse  is a cheapskate (or you think he/she  is) it can easily lead to arguments and resentments. Even if he or she really isn’t the tightest person in the world, just having this opinion is really dangerous. Fights about finance are the top predictor of divorce according to Kansas State University research. I’m not […]

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Preferred Shares, in Plain English

preferred shares

If you are on the hunt for investment income you might consider buying preferred shares.  Many investors are drawn to these puppies because they provide more income than bonds and more stability than stocks.  A no-brainer….right?  Not so fast.   First let’s consider how they work.  Then we’ll look at how smart an investment they […]

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What To Do After You Get Fired

got fired

When you get fired your emotions flare.  Anger.  Fear. Guilt. Shame.   It’s a time of supercharged feelings and that can make it very difficult to focus and do what you need to do to get back into the game.  That’s why I’ve created the following “to do” list. Without further ado, let’s go. 1. […]

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How to Pick Good Mutual Funds

pick the best mutual funds

Mutual fund performance is often misunderstood, and as a result investors lose money unnecessarily. If you own mutual funds, you deserve to own the best performers. I don’t think I’ll get any argument from you on that. The question is how do you use performance data to find the top choices? Some people argue that […]

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