How To Drain 529 Accounts Without Penalties

529 plan

Your 529 plan allows you to grow money tax-free to fund higher education. But what happens if you’ve funded a 529 plan and your child really won’t need the money for college?  How do you get the money out of that 529? A very dear lady recently asked me this question. Louis has been contributing […]

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4 Steps To Take Charge of Your Career and Your Life

advance in your career

Too many people sit back and wait for great thing to happen in their career. They start working and expect that in a few years they will be promoted to Vice President and will be earning a six figure salary. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In order to be successful, you have to take an […]

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Should you pay off your student loans before you buy a house?

pay off student loan

If you’ve got student loans, you’re not alone. And among recent graduates, the situation is especially dire: Nearly half of Americans aged 21-29 have student loans, with a median loan amount of $25,000, according to recent survey I conducted. Not surprisingly, many people make paying off their student loans a top financial priority once they […]

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How to Start a Freelance Business from Scratch

freelance business

The economy is heating up.  Even though it might be easy to find a job right now, it might be a better time to launch your own business.  There is a great deal of  demand for enterprising people presently.The good news is you can easily start a freelance gig from scratch. Of course it’s great […]

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How to Automate Your Investments And Why You Must

automate your investments

All things being equal, simple is better than complex. Do you agree? I am sure you do. My experience tells me that those who get rid of needless complexity from their financial life tend to do much better than those who don’t. And if you’re on board with that idea you’ll definitely want to automate […]

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What Kind Of Mortgage To Take Right Now

buy a home now

If you are house hunting right now you are probably spending a great deal of time looking for just the right home. But if you are like most people you probably won’t spend much time at all thinking about what kind of mortgage is best. If so, it could be a costly mistake. I’ll admit […]

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