Investing for Income – 5 Tactics to Combat Low Interest Rates

investing for income

If you are trying to invest for income, you have to be frustrated by persistent low interest rates. This is especially difficult if you are retired or are planning on retiring now. If you’re very lucky, you might get 1.25% for a CD. After inflation and taxes, you’re losing money of course. But you’d still […]

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How To Take Larger Income Withdrawals Without Going Broke

never run out of money

Let’s say your main objective is to maximize retirement income and you aren’t concerned about leaving a ton of money for the kids.  That being the case, you might take out more than you otherwise would, but you still have to be careful not to go through your nest egg too quickly.  How do you […]

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Home-Based Business Insurance – What Coverage Do You Need?

home based business insurance

If you are in business for yourself and don’t have the right home-based business insurance coverage, you could face huge risks. I don’t care if your company is an LLC, Professional LLC, C or S Corp or Sole Proprietor. Home-based business owners owe it to themselves and their families to have the right insurance. And […]

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How Income Tax Payment Plans Work

tax installment payment plan

In a few short days, April 15th will be here and the IRS will expect you to fork over what you owe them. If you don’t have the money to make the tax goons happy, don’t’ worry about it. File your return and set up a payment plan. It’s easy to do and can save […]

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Avoid These Tax Penalties For Late Filing

tax penalaties to avoid

Nobody likes paying taxes. But try not paying or paying late and see how you like it. The penalties and interest you get hit with make Don Corleone look like Snow White. First let’s look at what happens if you file but don’t pay. In this case, you’ll start racking up .5% per month penalty […]

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Income Diversity – How It’s Done

diverisfy income

If you don’t diversify your income, it could lead to financial devastation. Think about what could happen if you lose your job. Yes, emergency funds can help protect you in those circumstances. But your emergency fund will go further and you will have more financial security if you build income diversification into your finances. How […]

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