Five Ways To Improve A Weak Resume

look for a job

If your resume doesn’t have much meat on the bone, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to working at Flippy Burger for the rest of your career. In fact here are 5 steps that can help you get a great job regardless of how thin your resume is: 1. Tell A Few Good Stories Have […]

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5 Best Mistakes I Ever Made

mistakes i made

Tonight is Yom Kippur – a Jewish holiday that invites us to atone for our sins and clean up our act.  Of course there is a big difference between a sin and a mistake but they sometimes hangout in the same neighborhood. It’s true that “sins” are usually devastating.  But mistakes rarely are.  In fact, […]

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College Trends You Can Take Advantage Of

college trends

If you are a parent and planning on sending a child to college soon, you are going to be very happy once you read this post. That’s because there have been some very cool trends taking shape that will help you spend a lot less for a quality education. Side note: Keep in mind that […]

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Five Reasons Why Others Are Getting Rich – And You Aren’t

wealthy people

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself why other people keep getting ahead while you seem to be treading water? On one hand it’s futile to compare ourselves to others. There will always be people with more and we have and there will always be people with less. But on the other hand, what’s […]

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Smart Money Tactics When You Are In Your 30s

If you are in your 30s and don’t have a firm grasp of your financial situation, please don’t feel bad. Yes, some of your peers might have a better handle on their money but that’s no reason to beat yourself up. By the time you get done reading this post, you’ll know more about money […]

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Why Cheap Colleges Rock

afffordable college

One decision you and your children will make is whether or not they’ll go to college and if so, where.  This is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make but not for the reasons most people think. Studies prove that in most cases, the specific college kids attend has little impact […]

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