What To Do When Times Get Tough

financial survival techniques

Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, you might find yourself in a rough financial spot at different times of your life.  That can happen as a result of a big change in employment or income.   Or your situation might hit the rocks because of some huge unexpected expense.  I know something about that. […]

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Why Earning More Is Better Than Spending Less

earn more money

The following is a guest post with a compelling argument for focusing on growing your income rather than on cutting costs.  I think balance is always helpful but I do think that Kayla raises some great points.  After you read through this post, let us both know what you think please. When it comes to […]

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5 Debt Traps to Avoid After College

debt trap

You’ve graduated from college and landed your first real job. Congratulations! You’re now pulling an income much higher than you’re used to and may even be chipping away on those student loan debts. If you thought you got all of the hard work behind you in college you’re in for a rude awakening. The real […]

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How To Live Off Your Investments

life off of your investments

Even if you’ve accumulated significant assets over the years you may not know exactly how to turn those investments into income. This frustration comes into play most often when people think about their growth mutual funds and their real estate.  Sure they might have built up tons of equity, but how do you tap in […]

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How To ReTitle Your Assets

retitle assets

You work hard trying to stay out of debt and accumulating assets. Once you achieve these goals, it’s vitally important to title your holdings correctly. If you don’t, you (and your heirs) take the risk of losing everything you worked so hard to acquire. If you die and the assets aren’t held correctly, the wrong […]

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Inflation-Protected Securities – What You Need To Know

investments that beat inflation

Inflation is low right now, but it won’t stay that way forever.  At some point, inflation will heat up and that might cause interest rates to go up. So what’s an investor to do?  Glad you asked. Some people think that the only way to go is to buy government bonds which are tied to […]

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