How to Raise Money Smart Kids

money smart kids

I don’t get teary-eyed too often but when I see a young person really put it together financially, my tears of joy flow. Here is an e-mail I received from David. He’s a young man who wanted to go to an pricey college but didn’t. His parents played hard ball with him and, miraculously, he’s [...]

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Is College a Waste of Time and Money?

is college a waste

Is college a waste of time and money? I was talking to a young man named Andrew at a barbecue this weekend. He told me that he had just finished college and that he was excited about starting his career as a fireman.  He told me he wanted to be a fireman ever since he [...]

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Smart Money Tactics When You Are In Your 40s

finances in your 40

When I was in my 40s there were times when I felt a sense of financial desperation. I was saving like a banshee and working my “tush” off but I didn’t have a comprehensive plan. That’s pretty embarrassing for a financial advisor to admit but it was the truth. Anyway, it’s sort of a shame [...]

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5 Steps to a Successful Financial Intervention

financial intervention

What do you do when someone you care about is completely out of control with their finances? Maybe they’ve run up lots of debt and can’t find a way out.  Maybe it’s not the first time this has happened.  Maybe you are tired of bailing them out over and over again but you don’t want [...]

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Parents Lending Money to Children – Good or Bad Idea?

loan money to children

Lending money to your kids is usually a very bad idea for both parties concerned. This is easy to say and hard to execute – I get it.  None-the-less, let’s consider how very destructive this can be by reviewing a real life example. Terry and Nicole were retired and happy. They had plenty of income from [...]

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How To Create A Long Term Investment Plan

financial plan

Floating through life without an investment plan is like taking a ship out to sea without any navigation or communication tools. You are bound to get tossed around by poor weather at some point.  As a result you can get lost at sea very easily.  And when that happens, the chances of running aground rise [...]

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