How To Collect $100,000 A Year In Retirement

100k a year

Could you live comfortably on $100,000 a year in retirement? If so, I have some pretty good news; it’s not that difficult to achieve. Let’s go through this together. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that $100k in retirement income is probably within your reach. 1. Social Security and Pensions Let’s start out with the easy […]

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Should You Accept Your Buyout Package At Work?

buyout package at work

If your employer offers you a sweet check in exchange for your early retirement, does it make sense to take the deal? It’s hard to say no to that boat load of Benjamins of course. But sometimes accepting a buyout arrangement is short-sighted. I got a call from a person with this exact dilemma recently. […]

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How To Never Run Out Of Money

never run out of money

Most people I meet don’t really care about acquiring great wealth. But everyone wants to make sure they never run out of money. If that resonates with you, I have good news. You really don’t have to worry or stumble around in the dark. All you need to do is estimate what it’s going to […]

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What Happens To A Roth IRA After Someone Dies?

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If you’ve gone to all the trouble of setting up a Roth IRA you need to know what happens to that money after you are gone. Tom, a very nice man recently passed away. His wife Ann is the beneficiary of his Roth IRA. Will she have to take any distributions? Will they be taxable? […]

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Retirement Asset Allocation for Peace of Mind

retirement asset allocation

You might be wondering what the right asset allocation is if you are retired now or getting ready to retire. In fact, this is the one of the most frequently asked question I get.   The conventional wisdom is that as you get closer to retirement your portfolio should become more conservative and pull out of […]

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Three Ways to Find A Passive Income Business To Buy

passive income ideas

If you are looking for a business to create passive income, you have to play it very smart.  There are so many scams out there it’s enough to make your head spin.  I’ve spoken with many people who got suckered into these “opportunities” and lost everything they put in. (The worst is the coin operated […]

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