Is Your Retirement Safe?

No matter if you are already retired or still planning your retirement, you’re smart to think about the traps that might jeopardize your financial future. That way you can do something about it before it’s too late. Truth be told, most people I meet are anxious about their financial future anyway – at least a [...]

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What To Do When You Inherit Money

inherit money

More and more people I meet inherit money from other people. That’s because the people who came before us were very good at saving and investing. From a financial perspective, it’s a good problem to have of course. But it isn’t all chocolate and strawberries. In fact, receiving an inheritance often comes with its own [...]

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What Is High Frequency Trading And Does It Matter

high frequency trading

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a technique used by certain brokerage firms to get in and out of a stock in a fraction of a second. Main stream media is landing on this like flies to what my dog Max leaves behind and I have to clean up. Is HFT really something to worry about or [...]

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IRS Tax Debt Relief – Do It Yourself

If you need IRS tax debt relief, you may not have to hire a fancy pants CPA or tax attorney. Depending on the situation, you have a few alternatives you can try yourself. If you are successful, you may end up saving a pile of money and your credit score too. Offer in Compromise This [...]

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Why You Can’t Put Your IRA Into Your Trust

Nancy recently set up her living trust and instructed me to rename her IRA into the trust. It seemed like a pretty straight-forward request. But had I done what she asked it would have cost her a pile of moolah. I explained the situation and she quickly changed her mind. The mistake my client was [...]

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Examples Of Opportunity Cost Most People Miss

examples of opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is something really easy to overlook but extremely expensive when you do. In fact, in the following examples of opportunity cost you’re going to see how these financial mistakes might be the costliest mistakes of all. What’s treacherous about this is that the people making these errors rarely see it coming. What is [...]

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