Should You Buy a House with Bad Credit?

buy a house with bad credit

Interest rates are still low even though home prices have increased.  Still, homes are still very affordable.  Does that mean you should buy a house no matter what?  What if your credit is down the drain?   Should you buy a house with cloudy credit? I don’t think so. And I’ll illustrate why by sharing […]

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How To Understand Mutual Fund Fees

mutual fund fees

If you want to understand mutual fund fees and how they impact fund performance, it’s important to first understand our terms.  The mutual fund industry likes to keep their vernacular nice and muddy so you don’t question what they do with your money.  Let’s unravel that mess right now so you can fully understand what […]

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When Frugal Becomes Dumb


This frugal life I’ve been writing about on the blog is important. In fact, ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve been trying to promote the virtues of frugality.  Why spend money needlessly? I haven’t changed my mind about these things but I did have a unforeseen shift in attitude a couple of years […]

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Financial Resilience – How to Cope with Failure

how to bounce back

We all face financial situations we don’t know how to deal with at one time or another. The important point is to be able to bounce back. But how? It’s not easy to recover — especially when you’ve fallen from great heights. John was the “dentist to the stars.” He treated the biggest names in […]

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How To Choose The Right Mutual Fund

pick the best mutual funds

Let’s say you know you want to invest in equity funds. Great. But how do you determine exactly which fund to buy? This is important stuff. If you use the wrong criteria, you’ll probably end up with the wrong fund and that could leave a mark. Ouch…. The Two Greatest Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting […]

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7 Killer Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

The simpler your financial life is the more secure it will be. When you spin lots of plates you increase the odds of having a few fall and break into a million pieces. I’m not suggesting you sit home, bury your head in the sand and keep your money under the mattress. As Albert Einstein […]

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