Don’t Buy ETF Investments Before Reading This

etf investing

ETFs are popular and getting more popular by the day and there are many reasons for this.  But there are also quite a few drawbacks with ETFs.  But before we get too deep, let’s review a few items. First on the list to review is the difference between active and passive investing. This lays at the heart [...]

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Is Your Spouse Spending Your Money?

spouse spending money

Even if you love your spouse to bits, if he or she is spending your money it can drive a deep wedge in the relationship and cost you a lot of loot. Of course this is a very difficult subject to approach in a balanced way. Aren’t couples supposed to share and share alike? Not [...]

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3 Ways People Swindle Their Spouse

signs of lying

Do you know what your spouse or partner is doing with your money? Is he telling you the truth about everything he spends? Is he really paying the bills like he says he is? Are the loans you co-sign and the investments you make really as secure as he says they are?  What are the [...]

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Do You Know How Many Stocks You Should Own?

how many stocks

When you think about how many stocks to own, one word probably comes  to mind – diversification. And when it comes to diversification “the more the better” – right?  If some diversification is good, lots of diversification must be fantastic. Agreed?  Not necessarily. The truth is that if you want to grow your money safely, [...]

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Planning Your Will and Estate the Right Way

planning your estate

Everyone wondered how much Michael Jackson had when he died several years ago and who was going to get his money.  And more important they asked who wasn’t going to get anything.  The reason everyone kept asking those questions was because nobody knew the answers.  And the reason nobody knew was because Jackson created a living [...]

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Lending Money to Friends and Family without Ending the Relationship

lend to friends

When I first got married and starting off in business I found myself in a tight spot.  Even though I hated doing it, I asked a friend for a loan.  Fortunately, we able to pay my friend back shortly after he advanced us the money. A few years later, that same friend asked me to lend him [...]

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