Retirement Planning

This category is the heart and soul of Wealth Pilgrim. Here you’ll find a host of information created to help you reach your retirement goals and enjoy the journey. These are nuts-and-bolts articles to help you understand where you are now, identify where you want to be and when you want to get there, and design a roadmap to help you do so.

Believe it or not, your retirement hobbies have a lot to do with your financial future. In fact, they could be the difference between having a successful retirement or not. Here’s why I say this. When you retire you’ll have lots of free time. If you don’t fill it up with some fulfilling activity, you’re […]



When you retire you want to reduce your worries and concerns.  And besides health, there is nothing that retirees worry more about than income.  That being the case, many are drawn to the idea of taking a monthly pension or payout from their retirement plan rather than the lump sum offer. There are benefits to […]

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You might think you have a financial plan but in fact you may not. And believe it or not, the exact opposite of this is also true. You might not think you have a plan when in fact you do. In order to know if you have a financial plan or not we need to […]


When the stock market gets rocky people look for alternatives. And one option that captures many people’s attention is the income annuity. Let’s take a look at what this financial contraption is and if it makes any sense for you or not. Income Annuity Defined An income annuity is a series of equal payments you […]


Could you live comfortably on $100,000 a year in retirement? If so, I have some pretty good news; it’s not that difficult to achieve. Let’s go through this together. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that $100k in retirement income is probably within your reach. 1. Social Security and Pensions Let’s start out with the easy […]


If your employer offers you a sweet check in exchange for your early retirement, does it make sense to take the deal? It’s hard to say no to that boat load of Benjamins of course. But sometimes accepting a buyout arrangement is short-sighted. I got a call from a person with this exact dilemma recently. […]