Retirement Planning

It’s really simple to roll over a 401k, and if you’ve “separated from service” (lost your job or quit), you should do it. Roll your 401k to a self-directed IRA as soon as you can. Here are the main benefits: 1. Wider Menu By rolling the money over, you can invest your retirement money just [...]



Two fiends of mine just became instantly famous by selling their home and becoming renters.  That’s right.  Lynne and Tim Martin wrote a book about how they sold their home and became full-time, world-wide travelers.  The book sold out on the first day it became available.  All the major news outlets are begging Lynne and [...]


When I sit down with people for the first time, one out of three usually asks if they are saving enough money. I love when they ask me this question. Why? Because it’s really the first step many people take towards proper financial planning. I say this for one simple reason. In order to know [...]

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No matter if you are already retired or still planning your retirement, you’re smart to think about the traps that might jeopardize your financial future. That way you can do something about it before it’s too late. Truth be told, most people I meet are anxious about their financial future anyway – at least a [...]

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Nancy recently set up her living trust and instructed me to rename her IRA into the trust. It seemed like a pretty straight-forward request. But had I done what she asked it would have cost her a pile of moolah. I explained the situation and she quickly changed her mind. The mistake my client was [...]

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For years I’ve been telling anyone who will listen how important it is to have a financial plan – and to have the right financial plan. Maybe it’s about time to define exactly what the right financial plan looks like and how to use it. What A Financial Plan Isn’t In order to really understand [...]

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