Retirement Planning

Do you know what it will cost you to live after you stop working? If you don’t know, you probably want to find out. It’s a crucial number. In fact, you can’t have a secure retirement unless you have a handle on this information Pilgrim. Of course the problem is that retirement is a long-term [...]


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If you are thinking about retiring soon, you’re undoubtedly concerned about steep market declines. Once you stop working it’s harder to ride through those ups and downs – especially if they are dramatic.  My experience tells me that if you are near or in retirement the anxiety is there regardless of how well your investments [...]


How much money do you need to retire? Of course, part of the answer depends on how you invest your money and how much income those investments generate. But you may be surprised to discover that a far more important determinant of retirement success is your spending.  In any case, we’ll handle both these subjects. But let [...]


There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to maximizing retirement benefits. One strategy is to file and suspend social security benefits. First let’s decipher what this means and then we’ll determine if it’s a good strategy for you. What Does File And Suspend Social Security Mean? This is a strategy you [...]

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You will have a far better life if you have a financial plan, stick to it and revisit that plan every couple of years.  You will feel more in control and you’ll achieve your goals far easier and much sooner.    I have no doubt about that. And based on the last 30 years of my [...]


This post was originally published in December 2009 – about the same time most main stream publications were advocating staying out of stocks for good.  Planning for your retirement is serious business. That’s why I get so angry when misinformation gets floated around. I recently read on a blog that if you retire now or want to [...]