Investing Strategies

Currently the market is disturbingly turbulent. During times like these, some investors think that a diversified portfolio is their key to investment security.  I agree that it might help in certain circumstances.But in other cases diversification can be a very risky approach. That’s right. Often a diversified portfolio will expose you to much more risk than [...]



A bear market describes a very unpleasant situation during which stock prices decline over a painfully long period of time.  According to the pundits, a “Secular Bear Market” is measured in years – not days, weeks or months. A “cyclical bear market” is much shorter. While the long term trend of the market is up, [...]

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The market has been brutal over the last 6 weeks – and even more so last week.  Let’s get some perspective on what’s happening right now and some possible explanations of what’s behind it all. Year To Date As difficult as the market has been lately, indexes are still up year-to-date. If you consider what is [...]

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Do you really want your children to live with you until they hit their mid-30s? According to the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Census Bureau, there is a good chance that could happen. They found that 32% of all people age 18 to 34 live with their parents. Drag. I love my kids as [...]


Sooner or later you’re going to hear about the “Rule of 72” if you talk about investing long enough. The “Rule of 72” is a simple formula that helps you figure out how quickly your money doubles based on the interest rate you earn. Sounds harmless…right? Well it’s not. First let’s look at how it [...]

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Most advisors are honest, responsible and trustworthy but there are always a few bad apples.  I recently wrote a post for Forbes on how some financial advisors sweet talk and swindle their clients.  In it, I described the favorite tricks these small number of stinkers use to separate you from your dough. How do you make [...]