Investing Strategies

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Mc Donalds, IHOP, UPS Store, Domino’s Pizza or Jiffy Lube? If so, franchising might be for you. There are some distinct advantages to starting your business by franchising but there are also some pretty significant drawbacks. Let’s step behind the curtain and learn more. What Is Franchising Franchising […]



The following post was first published April 22, 2009 – almost exactly the day when the market hit a bottom after the 2008 crash and started a long and profitable recovery.  This article is part of a series that discussed a variety of investment strategies.  The main lesson is as valuable today as it was […]


If you are trying to invest for income, you have to be frustrated by persistent low interest rates. This is especially difficult if you are retired or are planning on retiring now. If you’re very lucky, you might get 1.25% for a CD. After inflation and taxes, you’re losing money of course. But you’d still […]

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Let’s say your main objective is to maximize retirement income and you aren’t concerned about leaving a ton of money for the kids.  That being the case, you might take out more than you otherwise would, but you still have to be careful not to go through your nest egg too quickly.  How do you […]


Your strategy or investment approach is far more important than any one investment decision you make. That’s because an investment decision is a one-off event. Your make the decision. You buy or sell. And then you go about your business. But your investment strategy has a far greater impact on your financial situation. It stays […]


If you have a great deal of fear about your stock market investments I have some good news.  There are several ways you can protect yourself against market declines with “insurance”. The question is should you buy this kind of coverage and if so what is the best method to do so? How Do You […]