Investing Strategies

They don’t teach investing in school. It’s no wonder that so few of us really understand how investments work, what mutual funds are and how to select the right investments for our unique situation.

The following articles explain how the stock market, mutual funds, annuities,stocks and bonds work in plain English. They demystify investing and empower you to make better investing decisions for you and your family.

How you think and behave have a lot more to do with how successful you become than what you have and what you earn. I’m going to repeat that because it is the most empowering line I’ve ever written. How you think and behave have a lot more to do with how successful you become […]



Turnover is a term you’ll often hear when people talk about mutual funds and ETFs. What does it mean and is it important? What Is Turnover? Turnover refers to the number of times a portfolio is bought or sold during a year. Investors look at that number because it helps them understand how frequently the […]


If you’ve got a major acquisition coming up you have to decide between taking the money out of savings or investments or borrowing the cash. How do you decide which way to go? Here’s an email I got recently from a reader that illustrates the dilemma: I am considering a major purchase for a motor […]


Are you an optimist or pessimist? With the market reeling and rocking these days, it’s a good question to ask yourself.  And it’s a crucial issue if you want to make smarter investments.  Either way, there are real repercussions. If you are a pessimist you’ll always be on the lookout for risk. That’s good generally […]


Have you ever felt that investing is like gambling? You put your money down and you take your chances. Right? Well…….it can feel like that. And it can actually be like that. But it does not have to actually be that way. Like gambling, investing entails risk. Nobody can make that go away. But if […]


Debt is so common today, especially among young people. There are student loans, credit cards and car loans and everyone seems to have them. For that reason, it’s easy to underestimate the significance of debt when getting married. We tend to see debt as very personal, as if it’s our space. But once you get […]