Investing Strategies

When companies make profits they either reinvest that money or pay some of it out to the owners (shareholders).  A dividend is just a cash payment to people who own shares in companies. If you own mutual funds that own shares that pay dividends, the fund holds on to those dividends as they come in […]



If you are on the hunt for investment income you might consider buying preferred shares.  Many investors are drawn to these puppies because they provide more income than bonds and more stability than stocks.  A no-brainer….right?  Not so fast.   First let’s consider how they work.  Then we’ll look at how smart an investment they […]

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Mutual fund performance is often misunderstood, and as a result investors lose money unnecessarily. If you own mutual funds, you deserve to own the best performers. I don’t think I’ll get any argument from you on that. The question is how do you use performance data to find the top choices? Some people argue that […]


Regardless of what is happening in the market at any one time, smart investors understand that how they invest their 401k right now is really important.  The results might not show up immediately but they are cumulative.  That means how you invest, the process you use and the resulting actions you take, are going to […]


Have you ever made an investment only to realize shortly thereafter that you made a huge error? Before you wrote the check you were sure you were making a smart investment but once the ink was dry, the fog cleared.  That’s when the pain hits. Some folks never forgive themselves (let alone forget the mistake). And […]


You may not have heard the term “systematic withdrawals” too many times before. But that’s about to change. In fact, I’d like these two words to be a central part of your financial vernacular. That’s because systematic withdrawals might just be your secret weapon in the battle to maximize your retirement income. Once you understand […]