Investing Strategies

You may not have heard the term “systematic withdrawals” too many times before. But that’s about to change. In fact, I’d like these two words to be a central part of your financial vernacular. That’s because systematic withdrawals might just be your secret weapon in the battle to maximize your retirement income. Once you understand […]



  In it’s most simple terms, ETFs are very inexpensive mutual funds.  They have exploded in popularity – especially commission free Exchange Traded Funds. Does that mean you should invest in ETFs and forget about mutual funds?  Not so fast. What Is An ETF? ETFs are quasi-index funds and as I said they are extremely […]


Diversification means different things to different people at different times. At the basic level, it means not putting all your (financial) eggs in one basket. Pretty easy. But you have to dig a bit deeper.  You have to understand their are risks of being diversified too. Proper Diversification Depends On Your Situation You probably think that diversification […]


Let’s say you are interested in buying XYZ stock because you like what the company does and how they do it.  That’s fine.  But how do you know if the stock is a good investment or not? There are of course many ways to evaluate a stock and no one method is necessarily better than […]


Exchanged-traded funds are a great investment tool with low expense ratios that can be used to build a diversified portfolio quickly. ETFs can also be used to segment part of your portfolio into various niches that interest you.  And the story gets sweeter.  You can even buy ETFs without paying a commission as I wrote about […]


If you run your numbers and think you might not have enough retirement income when you stop working, don’t lose your cool. This doesn’t have to mean you’ll be spending your golden years super-sizing fries, cokes and burgers at the Golden Arches. You still have a few options at your disposal. And one of those […]