Investing Strategies

They don’t teach investing in school. It’s no wonder that so few of us really understand how investments work, what mutual funds are and how to select the right investments for our unique situation.

The following articles explain how the stock market, mutual funds, annuities,stocks and bonds work in plain English. They demystify investing and empower you to make better investing decisions for you and your family.

If you are between the ages of 21 and 36 you might not know what to do with your money. I get it. It’s hard to save and investments are confusing. If that describes you, you might decide it’s just easier and safer to keep the money in the bank. If so, you aren’t alone. […]



Have you ever sat back and asked yourself why other people keep getting ahead while you seem to be treading water? On one hand it’s futile to compare ourselves to others. There will always be people with more and we have and there will always be people with less. But on the other hand, what’s […]


There are tricks you can use to forestall losing your home if you are in trouble.  But if you haven’t made your payments and have no ability to do so soon, you’re going to lose that property sooner or later. That’s a fact and  I know this first hand. My dad lost our home when […]


As a responsible person you’ve no doubt set money aside “just in case”. It’s called “emergency money” and it’s a good solid move. But did you know that your emergency funds might also pose a real danger to your financial security? You might find that hard to believe but there are 3 or 4 reasons […]


The stock market isn’t for everybody and some investors like to have at least a portion of their assets in bonds. They like the income and the fact that bonds don’t usually fluctuate the same way stocks can. I get it. If you are in that camp you still have to be rather picky about […]


You and I are told time and time again that the stock market is volatile. It’s a given. But why is the market so topsy turvy? Nobody explains that. How can a stock that was worth $30 a share only a few days (or hours) ago suddenly be worth $15 or $50 per share now? […]