Debt Relief

We all face financial situations we don’t know how to deal with at one time or another. The important point is to be able to bounce back. But how? It’s not easy to recover — especially when you’ve fallen from great heights. John was the “dentist to the stars.” He treated the biggest names in […]


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My wife and I had a chance to sit down with a good friend of ours who recently discovered her husband’s credit card debt problem. I was shocked to hear about the financial situation she and her husband were in. Jeanie and Victor have been together for over seven years now. She’s an architect and […]


Divorce can be a traumatic emotional experience.  But it is also frightening from a financial point of view.  Everything changes and many people find they have to reinvent themselves after the split. On top of that, some people have to deal with problems they never had before like budgeting, getting out of debt etc. Here’s […]


Did you read about the couple who are being forced to pay off their deceased daughter’s student loans? Not only does this couple have to deal with the heart-breaking grief of losing their child, they are ruined financially as well. That’s because they have to use up their life savings to pay off her debts. […]


If you need to do some short term borrowing, you might be tempted to tap your IRA for that cash. It’s there. It’s yours. Why not use it? As you’ll see below, there are plenty of reasons to think twice or three times before moving forward with this scheme. How to Borrow From Your IRA […]


A credit line is like a credit card in many respects.  With it, you have access to cash (within fixed limits) if you need it.  The notable differences are that the interest rates on equity lines are usually far lower than the rates credit card companies charge.  Also, the amount you can use is typically […]