Money and Marriage

Your parents think about their finances.  They might even be worried about money.  But even if they aren’t worried, at some point, you are probably going to have The Talk  with them about their money. This is a conversation that is almost universally difficult because it involves a role reversal – you are assuming the [...]


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If you have aging parents, how do you help them safeguard their life savings? Even if your parents are in good shape now, don’t think this won’t ever be a problem for you. Here’s a frightening fact. One out of two people age 85 or older have Alzheimer’s according to Investor’s Business Daily. That being [...]

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A few weeks back, 3 different acquaintances emailed me Sam Polk’s New York Times article “For The Love Of Money”. They told me that if I did nothing else that day, I should read the post.  I did read it and it blew me away.  As it turns out, my pals weren’t the only ones [...]

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If you constantly struggle with some particular financial challenge, I can understand why you’d want to throw in the towel sooner or later. Think about trying to lose weight, improve your credit score or increase your retirement savings and investments. Do you know why there are so many books on these subjects? It’s because the [...]


If you live in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Washington or Puerto Rico, you live in a community property state, where community property laws are in effect. These laws govern your personal property and debts. It’s important you understand them even if you have no plans to divorce. That’s because [...]


If you are considering becoming a stay-at-home mom or dad, one big issue you have to deal with is a loss of income. Here’s a question I received the other day from Mark: I’m a 25 year old young professional, who is currently renting. If I had to guess, I will probably rent until I [...]