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I know what it’s like to have financial trouble. Both my parents passed away while I was still in High School. I took a tiny insurance settlement to a financial advisor. Rather than help me grow it safely to help me get through college, he churned and burned the account. It was horrible. But this experience made a deep impact on me and helped me really understand what it’s like to be in a tough situation with limited resources and almost no financial understanding. This motivated me to help others by developing a top-rate financial planning firm offering clients a comprehensive range of investment and financial planning services that are customized to clients’ needs. Neal Frankle

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Have you ever felt like you were a little lopsided when it comes to finance?  Do you spend way too much time and energy focused or worried about money or your job? I’ve struggled with this myself and at times I still do – no balance.  One great example of a person out of balance […]

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Even if you aren’t worried about getting sued right now, it’s nice to know what is within the reach of creditors and what is out of bounds. If you have money in a 401k you can relax – your assets are safe from nasty creditor law suits. The same goes for SEPs and SIMPLE IRAs. […]


The following post was first published April 22, 2009 – almost exactly the day when the market hit a bottom after the 2008 crash and started a long and profitable recovery.  This article is part of a series that discussed a variety of investment strategies.  The main lesson is as valuable today as it was […]


When someone offers to send you an income check for as long as you live, it sounds like a pretty good deal – right? Who wouldn’t want perpetual income? Well…as you’ll see, an income annuity might be good for some people but not everyone. What is an Income Annuity? An income annuity (aka immediate annuity) […]


If you are planning of funding a Traditional or Roth IRA for last year, you have to get your check in the mail no later than April 15th. Even if you file for an extension, you still have to fund these retirement accounts by April 15th. If you don’t, you won’t be able to claim […]


  Based on my personal and business experience over the last couple of decades it’s clear that helping other people is crucial for success.  And by success, I mean personal and financial success. Unfortunately, I grew up thinking that only chumps focus on other people. I’m not proud of this — but it’s true. If […]