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I know what it’s like to have financial trouble. Both my parents passed away while I was still in High School. I took a tiny insurance settlement to a financial advisor. Rather than help me grow it safely to help me get through college, he churned and burned the account. It was horrible. But this experience made a deep impact on me and helped me really understand what it’s like to be in a tough situation with limited resources and almost no financial understanding. This motivated me to help others by developing a top-rate financial planning firm offering clients a comprehensive range of investment and financial planning services that are customized to clients’ needs. Neal Frankle

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Lots of people go through the trouble and expense of buying life insurance. But they’d be surprised and shocked to learn that their beneficiary on the life insurance may not collect. I think that’s terrible. Don’t you? Let’s discuss why that happens and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to your [...]

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Two fiends of mine just became instantly famous by selling their home and becoming renters.  That’s right.  Lynne and Tim Martin wrote a book about how they sold their home and became full-time, world-wide travelers.  The book sold out on the first day it became available.  All the major news outlets are begging Lynne and [...]


Your parents think about their finances.  They might even be worried about money.  But even if they aren’t worried, at some point, you are probably going to have The Talk  with them about their money. This is a conversation that is almost universally difficult because it involves a role reversal – you are assuming the [...]

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When I sit down with people for the first time, one out of three usually asks if they are saving enough money. I love when they ask me this question. Why? Because it’s really the first step many people take towards proper financial planning. I say this for one simple reason. In order to know [...]

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TaxACT is the second largest player in the DIY tax prep business behind TurboTax and just ahead of H & R Block At Home ©. But don’t let that fool you. There are vast differences between TaxAct and its competitors. While I believe this software might be a good fit for some people, it could [...]

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A few clients called recently and asked why they had to pay tax on the mutual funds they own even if they didn’t sell them.  I figured you might be interested in the explanation too.  Taxes and mutual funds seems tricky. But in reality, the way mutual funds are taxed is actually very straight forward. [...]