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I know what it’s like to have financial trouble. Both my parents passed away while I was still in High School. I took a tiny insurance settlement to a financial advisor. Rather than help me grow it safely to help me get through college, he churned and burned the account. It was horrible. But this experience made a deep impact on me and helped me really understand what it’s like to be in a tough situation with limited resources and almost no financial understanding. This motivated me to help others by developing a top-rate financial planning firm offering clients a comprehensive range of investment and financial planning services that are customized to clients’ needs. Neal Frankle

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You might think that your emotional state of mind is more the subject matter for a therapist to discuss rather than a financial advisor but my experience tells me otherwise.  Your feelings have a huge impact on how you spend, save and invest.  Those activities in turn shape your financial future.  Do your feelings have […]


From time to time, people ask me how to become a financial advisor and then, how to find good jobs in the industry.  Even if you aren’t interested in becoming an advisor, you might like to know how your advisor became one and got their job. How To Become An Advisor The truth is you […]


Earlier we found a way to zero in on what it’s going to cost you to live after you retire. Now let’s figure out what your inflow is going to be once you cross the finish line at work. Retirement income has three components; pensions and social security, passive investment income and active employment. Your […]


You might see some very strange things going on with your mutual funds in November and December. That’s the time when many funds distribute capital gains and dividends. Investors get befuddled by this because they can wind up paying taxes on money they may not even receive. Worse, people sometimes have to pay capital gains […]


  In it’s most simple terms, ETFs are very inexpensive mutual funds.  They have exploded in popularity – especially commission free Exchange Traded Funds. Does that mean you should invest in ETFs and forget about mutual funds?  Not so fast. What Is An ETF? ETFs are quasi-index funds and as I said they are extremely […]


A credit line is like a credit card in many respects.  With it, you have access to cash (within fixed limits) if you need it.  The notable differences are that the interest rates on equity lines are usually far lower than the rates credit card companies charge.  Also, the amount you can use is typically […]