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I know what it’s like to have financial trouble. Both my parents passed away while I was still in High School. I took a tiny insurance settlement to a financial advisor. Rather than help me grow it safely to help me get through college, he churned and burned the account. It was horrible. But this experience made a deep impact on me and helped me really understand what it’s like to be in a tough situation with limited resources and almost no financial understanding. This motivated me to help others by developing a top-rate financial planning firm offering clients a comprehensive range of investment and financial planning services that are customized to clients’ needs. Neal Frankle

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Currently the market is disturbingly turbulent. During times like these, some investors think that a diversified portfolio is their key to investment security.  I agree that it might help in certain circumstances.But in other cases diversification can be a very risky approach. That’s right. Often a diversified portfolio will expose you to much more risk than [...]


If you are in debt, especially credit card debt, you might be so focused on getting out of debt that you overlook one of the most important steps – reduce your cost of debt first. The reason this is important is because if you reduce your cost of debt, you can get out of financial [...]

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Before you look for expensive legal remedies there are 5 steps you should take if you want to enforce an agreement. Several years ago I did some consulting for someone.  It was a last minute emergency and we didn’t create a written agreement.  None-the-less, I did the work and he didn’t pay me because one [...]


A bear market describes a very unpleasant situation during which stock prices decline over a painfully long period of time.  According to the pundits, a “Secular Bear Market” is measured in years – not days, weeks or months. A “cyclical bear market” is much shorter. While the long term trend of the market is up, [...]

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The market has been brutal over the last 6 weeks – and even more so last week.  Let’s get some perspective on what’s happening right now and some possible explanations of what’s behind it all. Year To Date As difficult as the market has been lately, indexes are still up year-to-date. If you consider what is [...]

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Every small business owner sails into rough waters now and then.  Rather than go down with the ship, let’s identify where those problems are and what you can do about them. As I see it, there are 5 big trouble spots most businesses have to learn how to deal with: Cash Flow. Working Capital. Staffing. [...]