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I know what it’s like to have financial trouble. Both my parents passed away while I was still in High School. I took a tiny insurance settlement to a financial advisor. Rather than help me grow it safely to help me get through college, he churned and burned the account. It was horrible. But this experience made a deep impact on me and helped me really understand what it’s like to be in a tough situation with limited resources and almost no financial understanding. This motivated me to help others by developing a top-rate financial planning firm offering clients a comprehensive range of investment and financial planning services that are customized to clients’ needs. Neal Frankle

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You may not have heard the term “systematic withdrawals” too many times before. But that’s about to change. In fact, I’d like these two words to be a central part of your financial vernacular. That’s because systematic withdrawals might just be your secret weapon in the battle to maximize your retirement income. Once you understand […]


Sometimes things really work out. When that happens, people can find themselves way ahead of schedule on their financial plan. If this happens to you does it mean you should kick back and coast? Should you increase your spending or cut back on saving? Or should you continue spending, saving and investing as if nothing […]

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Credit card insurance claims to make your credit card payments for you if you are unemployed or encounter some other financial hardship.. Many card companies push this coverage and pitch you on it when they send you your monthly statement. Is it a good deal?  Let’s find out together. How Much Does Credit Card Payment […]

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Now is a fantastic time to find a new CPA if your current one is a dud.   If you do this now, you won’t feel the pressure that the procrastinators feel who wait until February or March to do this. CPAs are easily available to interview now and the best news is it’s really not […]


I have been reading a great (but hard to find) book called “The Search For Serenity” by Lewis F Presnall. In it, he has a chapter on self-pity which I found fascinating. It occurred to me that in the past when I had no motivation, it was indeed because I felt sorry for myself. I […]