What Happened on 9/11 to Us All

by Neal Frankle, CFP ®

What happened on 9/11 touched each of us differently.

Some people think we should just move forward and put the past behind. I respect that, but I don’t agree. In fact, I think you can commemorate 9/11 and help yourself (tremendously) at the same time. Let’s forget about trying to solve debt problems for a day and look inside ourselves to find some true wealth.

Please watch this three-minute video to see how you can benefit and express your gratitude at the same time. Also, I could really use your brain power. How can I show the folks in our Fire and Police Departments a little “Pilgrim Love”? Any ideas?

How do you commemorate this day?

On to the reading links for the week:

The Oblivious Investor snatches the coveted PILGRIM PICK OF THE PACK award this week when he questions why retirement is an entitlement.

Patrick gives us the inside scoop on National Health Service in the UK. Is this something we can/should support in the U.S.?

The Monevator wrote a lovely piece on five lessons he learned from his own frugal dad. Not only is the writing fantastic, the message is strong. Monevator is one of my favorite bloggers.

When it comes to the Digerati Life, it’s always hard to pick one post. But if I had to choose, I’d say this discussion on portfolio returns gives you the best bang for the buck. A very important discussion and delivered in a way that is thoughtful and helpful.

Want to avoid an IRS audit? Please read this article over at MoneyNing.

My buddy Adam Baker offers some tips on how to avoid being caught by scammers.

Want to make sure you or your kids have high-paying jobs after they graduate college? Avoid these majors.

Speaking of work, here are 7 tips for job hunters served up by FreeMoneyFinance.com

Ever wondered why companies use coupons and rebates? Weakonomics has some ideas on the subject.

Another pal, Bob from Christian PF, asks if you are a spender or saver. The answer might surprise you.

Matt Jabs tells us how to use your pocketbook to solve many financial problems.

Again, I was honored to be included in this week’s Best of Money. Check out all the other entries.



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